1. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, reference to a rate notice also includes reference to any rate instalment notices.
  2. You agree to receive future rates notices by email and understand that a paper document will not be sent (paper interim rate notices will be sent by post).
  3. You confirm you are the registered owner or agent of the property referenced above (Only one email address per owner or company will be accepted).
  4. If you authorise an Agent to act on your behalf you must notify us when this changes or is cancelled and you or the Agent must 'unsubscribe' from your eRates registration. To unsubscribe, please email to rates@canning.wa.gov.au
  5. All future rate notices will be in the form of a PDF attachment to an email sent to the email address nominated by you.
  6. If you own more than one property you will need to register separately for each property. You will receive separate email notifications for each of the registrations we receive.
  7. You must advise any other person who currently receives a paper or electronic rate notice for this property that they will no longer receive it as a result of your request.
  8. You must regularly check your nominated email address and junk inbox for rate notices.
  9. You agree that rate notices are deemed served when it reaches your internet service provider, whether or not you have opened or read the email.
  10. You agree that you will retain the rate notice information yourself electronically or by printing it. A fee is charged for reprints of notices.
  11. If you change your eRates email address, you are required to re-register your new email address.
  12. Should the City receive an electronic 'delivery failure' notification from your email address the request for email delivery will be cancelled and a paper document will be posted to the last advised postal address (please ensure your postal details are kept up to date).
  13. An “out of office” notification will not be considered an undeliverable rate notice.
  14. You can withdraw your request for email delivery of your rate notice at any time. To unsubscribe, please email rates@canning.wa.gov.au.